Wybrane publikacje z listy JCR z obszaru ekonomii, zarządzania i finansów




Autor: Edyta Marcinkiewicz

Artykuł: (2019) Voluntary pensions development and the adequacy of the mandatory pension system: Is there a trade-off?, Social Indicators Research, 143(2), 609-636

IF(2017)= 1,648


Autor: Edyta Marcinkiewicz, Filip Chybalski

Artykuł: (2019) A new proposal of pension regimes typology: empirical analysis of the OECD countries, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 22(1), pp. 84-99

IF(2017)= 1,513


Autor: Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska

Artykuł: (2018) The Relationship between Managers’ Network Awareness and the Relational Strategic Orientation of their Firms: Findings from Interviews with Polish Managers, Sustainability, 10(8)

IF(2017)= 2,075


Autor: Iwona Staniec

Artykuł: (2018) Technological Entrepreneurship: How does Environmental Turbulence Impact upon Collaboration Risk?, Sustainability, 10(8)

IF(2017)= 2,075


Autor: Filip Chybalski

Artykuł: (2018) Poverty alleviation and consumption smoothing in European pension systems: convergence or divergence?, Argumenta Oeconomica, 40(1), 181-202

IF(2017)= 0,178


Autor: Filip Chybalski, Małgorzata Gumola

Artykuł: (2018) The similarity of European pension systems in terms of OMC objectives: a cross-country study, Social Policy & Administration, 1-16, https://doi.org/10.1111/spol.12406

IF(2017)= 1,418


Autor: Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska

Artykuł:(2016), Perceived mutual impact of strategy and organizational structure: Findings from the high-technology enterprises, Journal of Management & Organization, 22(5), 599-622

IF(2016)= 0,539


Autor: Edyta Marcinkiewicz

Artykuł: (2016) Short sale and index futures mispricing: Evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Prague Economic Papers, 5(25), 547-559

IF(2016)= 0,710


Autor: Filip Chybalski

Artykuł: (2016) The Multidimensional Efficiency of Pension System: Definition and Measurement in Cross-Country Studies, Social Indicators Research, 128(1), 15-34

IF(2016)= 1,743


Autor: Filip Chybalski, Edyta Marcinkiewicz

Artykuł: (2016) The Replacement Rate: An Imperfect Indicator of Pension Adequacy in Cross-Country Analyses, Social Indicators Research, 126(1), 99-117

IF(2016)= 1,743


Autor: Remigiusz Kozłowski, Marek Matejun

Artykuł: (2016), Characteristic Features of Project Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, E&M Ekonomie a Management, 19(1), 33-48

IF(2016)= 1,163


Autor: Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska

Artykuł: (2012) The Strategic Dilemmas of Innovative Enterprises: Proposals for High‐Technology Sectors, R&D Management 42(4), 303-314

IF(2012)= 1,580



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